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Shortest Story

We Don't Want Much

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Writing challenges for original characters
Sometimes a couple of words is all you need to describe a moment in time. And that's the challenge here...

Every week four 'titles' for snippets of original fiction will be posted. The titles will be single words or short phrases, and it's up to you how they should be interpreted - be creative!

You don't have to do every prompt, or even any, in any week, but it's more fun for all if you participate more than less. How you respond to the prompts is entirely up to you, just as long as it's inspired by the title. Also, you don't need to write lots for each prompt. This is all about communicating one scene, (though you can write more if you really want to).

Some Rules:

Original Characters only - no fandom characters or self inserts, please.
Post all snippets under an LJ cut.
Mature content is allowed, but you must post warnings in your introduction.
Constructive criticism is allowed, but no flaming.
Tag all responses with the month and year, for example 'October 2007'

Any questions or queries, send an email to either fae.nixx@googlemail.com or shadowsaine@livejournal.com